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    What is My Catholic Faith Delivered?              

What is Virtual PREP? Virtual PREP refers to the online component of PREP. The MCFD online assignments are designed to augment the in-class work providing another unique layer of catechesis strengthening your child's knowledge of the Catholic Faith. Students should continue working on their MCFD assignments daily; their progress is carefully monitored by their teachers throughout the year. If sufficient progress is not made, a student will not be allowed to register for the next semester and/or proceed to receive a sacrament.

Students should try to have 30% of their MCFD assignments completed by November; 60% done by January, and at least 90% completed by March. This will help assure students will be allowed to move to the next grade and receive the sacraments. Emails will be regularly sent to parents documenting student progress made on MCFD. Students not making sufficient progress will be contacted by the Director of Religious Education.

The PREP academic year usually begins in mid-September and ends in mid-May, including a break during Christmas. Additional activities are held for those students making their First Reconciliation, First Communion (Grade 2), and Confirmation (Grade 8).

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