Young Adult Ministry


Where is your home?

Finding your place in the Church can be hard once you're out of high school.  Here we seek to keep you nourished spiritually, wherever your life journey takes you.

Pope Francis' lastest exhortation Christus Vivit (Christ Lives) offers us his wisdom:

"159. I hope that you will be serious enough about yourselves to make an effort to grow spiritually.  Along with all the other exciting things about youth, there is also the beauty of seeking 'righteousness, faith, love and peace' (2 Tim 2:22).  This does not inolve losing anything of your spontaneity, boldness, enthusiasm and tenderness.  Becoming an adult does not mean you have to abandon what is best about this stage of your lives.  If you do, the Lord may one day reproach you: 'I remember the devotion of your youth, your love as a bride, and how you follwed me in the wilderness' (Jer 2:2)."

It is with great love that we join together in our Young Adult Ministry (YAM)

College students

We know the demands are high on those in university programs, military college, or young enlisted. We are here for your needs, including uniting our desire to show mercy to our brothers and sisters in need.  


Young Adults

Whether you're single, married, discerning, or in any state of questioning, we have a home for those over 21 through mid 30's.  We meet every Monday evening 7pm in our Kernan Center Youth/YA lounge. 

Our inspiration comes from the thousands of years of the great Saints who show us how to live as extraordinary missionary disciples in a very secular world.

We pray.  We listen.  We share.  We grow.  We support one another.  We show mercy and love to those the world chooses to ignore.

Come.  You are welcome.

Join us Monday 1/6, 7pm, for make-your-own pizzas and helping to plan our next few months

For more information, text Jen Drees 856-220-5543